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Note name :ref:Klinger(2010)
Author Ralf Klinger
Title Regenwürmer - Helfer im Garten
Published 2010
Publisher Pala Verlag
Pages 171
ISBN 978-3-89566-282-9
URL http://pala-verlag.de/cms/website.php?id=/index/buecher/9783895662829.htm
Note name :ref:Grünefeld(2008)
Author Dettmer Grünefeld
Title Das Mulchbuch - Praxis der Bodenbedeckung im Garten
Published 2008
Publisher Pala Verlag
Pages 160
ISBN 978-3-89566-218-8
URL http://pala-verlag.de/cms/website.php?id=/index/die_buecher/218_mulchbuch.htm
Note name :ref:Dunst(2011)
Author Gerald Dunst
Title Humusaufbau - Chance für Landwirtschaft und Klima
Published 2011
Publisher Verein Ökoregion Kaindorf
Pages 200
ISBN 978-3-9503088-0-8
Note name :ref:Fulda(2012)
Author Abtei Fulda
Title Kompost - Gold im Biogarten
Published 2012
Publisher Abtei zur Hl. Maria
Pages 93
ISBN 3-924201-38-2
URL http://www.abtei-fulda.de/shop/kompost.html
Note name :ref:vonHeynitz(2000)
Author Krafft von Heynitz
Title Kompost im Garten
Published 2000
Publisher Verlag Eugen Ulmer
Pages 127
ISBN 978-3800169122
URL http://www.ulmer.de/Themen-Wahl/Garten-Pflanzen/Einsteiger/Kompost-im-Garten,L1VMTUVSU0hPUF9ERVRBSUw_U0hPUF9JRD0xNTU2MDM4Jk1JRD0xNDAxMDA.html



On this page you can define commonly used notes for RefNotes plugin. Every note is defined as collection of data fields. There are number of ways to organize the note definitions:

  • Group a number of notes into single data table (sheet). The first row of the table is used to specify which field the corresponding column contains.
  • Use separate table for each note (card). The table should have two columns where the first column is used to specify the field names.
  • Define notes using BibTeX syntax. BibTeX entries have to be wrapped into a <code> section. The key of BibTeX entry serves as name of the note. The namespace can be either specified as part of the key or in a separate comment (see example below) for all entries that follow.
  • Store one note per page as Data plugin entry. This way the notes are stored in a database, which allows to make queries against the bibliography data, for example, see all books of a certain author. Unfortunately Data plugin allows only one dataentry section per page.

For sheets and cards plugin does not make a distinction between normal table cells and header cells. The field name cells are identified only based on their content. The names are case insensitive and can also be specified using locale-specific labels. BibTeX and dataentry sections support only field names. The full list of field names is provided in reference database documentation.

Note sheet example

Note name Note text
:ref:sample1 A sample reference.
:ref:sample2 A sample reference with some formatting.
:ref:sample3 A sample reference with a link.

Note card example

Note name :ref:knuth-aop-2
Author Donald Knuth
Title The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 2: Seminumerical Algorithms
Edition Third Edition
Published 1997
Publisher Addison-Wesley
Pages xiv + 762 pp.
ISBN 0-201-89684-2
URL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Art_of_Computer_Programming

BibTeX example

  namespace = "ref:prog"
  author     = "Erich {Gamma} and Richard {Helm} and Ralph {Johnson} and John {Vlissides}",
  author-ref = "Gamma, et al.",
  title      = "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software",
  publisher  = "Addison-Wesley",
  year       = 1994,
  address    = "Reading, Mass.",
  pages      = 395,
  isbn       = "0-201-63361-2",
  url        = "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design_Patterns"
  author    = "Donald Knuth",
  title     = "Deciphering a linear congruential encryption",
  journal   = "IEEE Transactions on Information Theory",
  volume    = "31(1)",
  year      = 1985,
  month     = "Jan",
  publisher = "IEEE",
  pages     = "49-52",
  issn      = "0018-9448",
  url       = "http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/articleDetails.jsp?arnumber=1056997"

Dataentry example

The dataentry below is wrapped into <code> section to be properly presented in absence of Data plugin.

---- dataentry refnotes ----
note-name : :ref:prog:Hunt&Thomas(1999)
authors   : Andrew Hunt, David Thomas
title     : The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master
published : 1999
publisher : Addison-Wesley Professional
pages     : 352
isbn      : 0-201-61622-X
url       : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pragmatic_Programmer
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